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HDPE Fittings

Properties of HDPE:

HDPE is a durable and flexible new plastic with good weather resistance, abrasion resistance, relatively low cost, and is made from petroleum at high temperatures, so it can be torn under certain pressure, but will not break to reduce the overall damage. HDPE does not contain BPA, so it is also very popular in the food industry. However, it is used in industrial applications because it is 250% thicker than PVC material and can also be recycled. However, when you use HDPE, you need enough heat and precision to bond them together.

HDPE Fittings Applications

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe fittings are used worldwide, such as water pipes, gas pipes, sewer pipes, mud transmission lines, rural irrigation, fire protection system supply lines, electrical and communication pipes, and rainwater and drainage pipes.

In the construction department of PPI, HDPE pipes and fittings are used in ground-source heat transfer systems, also known as geothermal exchange systems.

What are the characteristics of HDPE pipes?

Affordable and high-quality.

Strong and Ductile.

Weather Resistant.

Impact Resistant.

Freeze Resistant.

UV Resistant.


Abrasion Resistant.

We can create custom HDPE pipe fittings for a variety of uses.

 90°Elbow:Size: available range from 50mm to 630mm, very popular in electrofusion butt elbows.

TEES: Pressure Rating: PN16(SDR11), PN10(SDR17.6) and available in a variety of sizes for you to choose from.

REDUCERS: The leader in butt fusion reducers with long corrosion resistance life and light weight.

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