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HDPE— the Best Choice for Gas Pipe

Sep. 06, 2021

Gas is needed for daily cooking and bathing. The gas pipe is used to transport gas, which refers to the pipeline that transports the water heated in the boiler to the radiator through the home. HDPE is an ideal gas pipeline material. And today, I will introduce to you why the HDPE gas pipe is the best choice.

The Benefits of HDPE Gas Pipe

Light Resistance

The raw material of HDPE is polyethylene resin, which contains 2%-3% finely divided carbon black. Carbon black is the most effective additive for enhancing the light fastness of polyethylene pipes. HDPE gas pipe can be safely stored outdoors for many years in most climatic conditions without loss of physical properties due to ultraviolet (UV) exposure.

Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

HDPE gas pipe will not rust or corrode. Compared with traditional pipe materials, HDPE has excellent chemical resistance. HDPE has excellent corrosion resistance to corrosive substances, acids, alkali, and salts. Moreover, HDPE pipes are not affected by fungi and bacteria and can resist organic substances.

Using Hot Melt Joints

HDPE pipes are fused together to form a stronger joint than the pipe itself. Electrofusion is a reliable welding technique for welding HDPE. Compared with traditional pipe materials, it also has significant installation advantages.

Easy to Handle and Install

Compared with other alternatives, HDPE gas pipes are easy to handle and install. The density of HDPE is about one-eighth that of steel, so heavy lifting equipment is not required for installation. In addition, thanks to the excellent flexibility of HDPE. The HDPE gas pipe can be bent without additional accessories. This is why it can be seen that HDPE gas pipes can be easily installed on continuous lengths of uneven terrain.

Reduce Installation Costs

HDPE gas pipeline systems can be welded into seamless and leak-free pipelines, requiring fewer accessories, so this can greatly save labor and installation. The pipes are connected by hot-melt technology to eliminate potential leak points. These fusion joints are as strong as the pipe itself, enabling long-term leak-free operation and almost no maintenance. Thereby significantly reducing the possibility of leakage, material cost, equipment cost, and labor required for installation. The weight of HDPE gas pipe is lower than that of alternative materials, so it is safer to handle and easier to load transport and position, thereby further reducing installation costs.

HDPE Gas Pipe

HDPE Gas Pipe

HDPE gas Pipe Installation Safety Tips

The following are some safety tips for installing gas pipes indoors. Please note that the gas pipeline must be operated by professionals.

Turn off all switches

Be sure to close all gas mains before starting work. If there is gas flowing, you can easily hurt yourself or others in the project.

Have the Right Safety Protection Equipment

If you are dealing with underground pipes, make sure your wiring harness is working properly so you can leave quickly when needed. When installing the gas pipeline, please wear gloves, helmets, boots, and reflective clothing. Remember, if you notice the smell of gas while working in a closed place, please leave immediately.

Appropriate Signs and Warnings

Make sure you have signs to ensure that other workers and people living in the building stay away from the excavation site and do not smoke on the construction site. In addition, place a sign on the main power source to ensure your gas

Use the Correct Gas Pipe

The use of the right pipes to transport gas or water is essential to your safety and comfort. Therefore, it is very important to choose a product produced by a reliable company that can ship the product to any part of the world in time.

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