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Competitive Advantages of HDPE Pipe

Oct. 16, 2021


HDPE pipe has been used more and more widely in recent years. So what are the competitive advantages that make it have a place in the market? Read on for more information.


HDPE pipe is very competitive in terms of safety, service life, and construction cost of the whole pipe design, especially when mass production reaches economic scale, its advantages are self-evident.


Long service life

The concrete pipe itself has cracks and seepage phenomenon and is not resistant to acid and alkaline; PVC pipe is not suitable for deeper burial due to poor external pressure strength, and PVC pipe itself has toxicity, which has been completely banned in Europe; cement pipe is a rigid structure, its shock resistance is poor, and the breakage rate is also high. As for HDPE pipe, it is not only weather-resistant, but also has chemical corrosion resistance, and its service life can reach 50 years.


Environmental protection

The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe commonly used in Taiwan today has been experimentally proven to have a trace amount of heavy metal stabilizers added to it that can affect human health after long-term use, and the recycling and burning will produce a large amount of chlorine gas and the toxic substance Dioxin, which seriously affects the quality of the environment. Most of the countries have banned the use of the requirements.

Nowadays, with the high awareness of environmental protection, many countries are using HDPE pipes in large quantities, and the rate of HDPE pipes is even more than 90% in advanced countries such as Europe and America.


Construction joint

The longer the length of each pipe, the fewer joints are needed for construction, and the fewer joints are used, which can reduce the cost and the chance of leakage. HDPE pipes can be 5-10m in length, and 50-100m in length using coiled pipes, which can effectively reduce the project cost.


Vibration resistance

With the rigid structure of the concrete pipe, cast iron pipe, and other pipes, in the event of a strong earthquake or uneven dislocation of the ground, it is easy to rupture in the pipe body or joint parts and then destroy the structure. HDPE pipes are highly salvageable and do not leak due to earthquake-induced soil deformation.


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