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Characteristics of HDPE Pipe

May. 31, 2021

Characteristics of HDPE Pipe

With these characteristics, the pipe that uses it as the main component has great advantages over other pipelines.

Quick installation. Due to its lightweight, the transportation, handling, and installation processes are all shortened. In addition, it does not require heavy machinery to move it.

Flexibility. They can adapt to changes in direction and bending, so they don't need pipe fittings or other tools. In contrast, it is more elastic than polyethylene.

Resistance. They support vertical loads because they transfer higher loads to the soil around the pipe. This is due to its corrugated exterior wall.

Useful life. They are affected by abrasion-resistant liquids, impact, and other chemical agents; the service life of HDPE pipes is estimated to be 50 years.

Safety. They cannot be used together, because the welding is hot fusion welding, so the safety of the installation is complete.

Effectiveness. Since its interior is flat, it can facilitate the flow of liquid to the pipes of other materials. In addition, they will not accumulate deposits or scale inside.

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